Oakwell Hampton Select SourceBreaker to
Support their Candidate Search

SourceBreaker supply start-up recruiting agency with advanced Matching tools

Oakwell Hampton, founded in January 2016 by Directors; Ben Higgs, Indi Pahl and later Simon Grimshaw are a fast-growing staffing solution specialist in the IT and Digital Marketing sector.

Created to bridge the knowledge gaps in an over-crowded market, Oakwell Hampton provide a wide range of IT and Digital Marketing recruitment solutions from industry experts.

As a relatively new entity to the recruitment industry Oakwell Hampton’s key criteria when reviewing various market software options was to select a product that would provide an immediate return on investment and aid in their business’s continued growth.

After analysing SourceBreaker’s key features and hearing positive reviews from existing clients their choice was made simple.

Since the start of October, SourceBreaker have been working alongside them to help support their candidate search and placement process. We are pleased to announce that in just over a month they have seen an increase in sales of over £25,000 directly from implementing the platform.

Not only is the product that SourceBreaker are selling excellent, but the hands-on support received throughout and after the implementation process makes them a pleasure to work with. Always happy to help and explain, they are easily accessible and very knowledgeable about how SourceBreaker can help the industry. 

SourceBreaker is an innovative piece of software designed by recruiters, which has made it easy to introduce to existing members of staff. It can help any business looking to increase placements. Based on October’s results it’s clear to see that it will continue to add real value to our business in the future.

Indi Pahl

Director, Oakwell Hampton

Oakwell Hampton have been a great business to work with. I think one of the key components of Oakwell Hampton’s success, has been Indi, Simon and Ben, ensuring that SourceBreaker is built into their process. With any new technology you have to change habits, and they took to it immediately, making a placement in a few days!

It is great to see a start-up business giving their team the environment and tools to succeed; from the bar in the office, to the latest tech. I am really looking forward to seeing these results continue, and watch their business grow.

Adam Dale

Sales Director, SourceBreaker

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